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AGM Absorbent Glass Mat VS True Gel Batteries

What is an AGM battery?

AGM technology was first introduced early in the 1980s as a sealed lead acid battery for military aircraft, vehicles and UPS systems. AGM offeredreduced weight and improved reliability. The acid is absorbed into the internal fiberglass mat. This made the battery spill-proof. Since the battery was spill-proof, it enabled shipment without hazardous material restrictions. Today, AGM technology is used in many applications including motorcycle, deepcycle, and marine applications. If you positively have to have a battery that will not fail you may want to consider upgrading to the AGM technology. We sell AGM from East Penn Deka in many sizes. Give us a call or click here to visit Deka's site to learn more about this technology.

Deka ETX20l agm battery

What is a Gel Cell Battery?

Gel Cell batteries contain a silica type gel in which that the battery electrolyte is suspended. This thick paste like material allows electrons to flow between plates but will not leak from the battery if the case is broken.

AGM batteries are mistakenly referred to as Gel Cell batteries because they are very similar to each other. Both Gel Cell and AGM batteries are non-spillable. They can both be mounted in any position and are safe in low ventilation applications. Both types of batteries can also be transported by air or ground methods without hazmat handling.

Gel Cell batteries tend to cost a lot more than AGM batteries. Gel Cell batteries can last longer but they require special treatment. Gel Cell batteries must be recharged correctly or the battery will suffer premature failure. The battery charger being used to recharge the batteries must be designed or adjustable for Gel Cell batteries. If you are using an alternator to recharge a True Gel Cell, a special regulator must be installed.